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A moment in history

22 Jan

I am still in awe of what I witnessed yesterday. I’m normally not a person that cries easily but the tears were flowing as President Obama took his oath. I couldn’t help but think about the implications of the event. After years and years of slavery, then Jim Crow, then covert discrimination, yesterday was truly a milestone not only for African Americans but for all Americans, especially those of color.

During the inauguration, I thought about my mother who was one of the first African Americans in my small hometown in central Texas to integrate into an all-white school. I thought about the stories I heard about how she received bomb threats because there were some people who were against the integration. I recalled stories about how she would have to use the bathroom in the back of the restaurants on roadtrips and how she couldn’t have even dreamed of eating in the main dining area. I also thought about my grandparents from Alabama who lived in the heart of racism which later became the birthplace of the Civil Rights Movement.

And then I thought of myself. I thought about how I can accomplish whatever I choose. With God on my side, the possibilities are endless. And I always admire the Obamas as a family. They give me hope in believing that I can share my life with a man that is admirable, strong, intelligent, and influential and together we can have beautiful children.

While I believe that Barack is the most qualified to lead this country in spite of his race, I can’t help but rejoice because he’s the first African American president. For a Black man to now be leading a country that once enslaved us is mind-boggling. But it’s a true testament to the strides that America has made. We still have a long way to go, however. But at least we have the hope and the changed needed to propel us into the future.


I am a Phoenix…enuf! We get it!

19 Jan

Ok. I’m getting sorta sick of seeing all the “I am a Phoenix” ads from the U of Phoenix. I don’t know why I’m getting so annoyed because I do marketing/advertising for a living. But I think there might be such a thing as overkill. Over the past few weeks, I’ve definitely gotten more than three impressions. Sheesh.

I’m probably just mad because our president saw our movie theatre ad from our new campaign (“What’s a Thunderduck?” for Richland College) back-to-back with their ad (which we came up with before the U of Phoenix campaign rolled out, btw). Now he hate’s it! We have to start from scratch now. (banging head up against the wall now) When will ever be able to convince 50-year-old white men that they are not our demographic? Note to all middle-aged administrators: If you don’t like our ads, then they are probably working!

I was also sorta ticked because the U of Phoenix has a $220 million budget! We did our campaign on say…. nada! Besides the U of Phoenix is marketing to a totally different demo, working adults. While we market to working adults also, we have other markets to consider, too, like recent high school grads, seniors, high school jrs and seniors…you get the point.

Ok, enough ranting. I shouldn’t even be thinking about work. It’s a holiday!

Life is about choices

13 Jan

I was just thinking that sometimes in life we have to make tough decisions. Sometimes those decisions may initially hurt another individual, but we have to be mindful of our own well being. Just recently I had to make a decision that I’m sure crushed another individual. It crushed me, too. I had to do some deep soul searching and I discovered that I have to make me happy; I have to do what’s in my best interest and what’s conducive for me long term. If I’m not happy, how can bring joy to others? Sometimes I guess at times we have to experience short-term pain for long-term gain. But waiting during the painful part is the hard thing to do. I just pray that I will continue on the path that God has chosen for me and if so, everything will turn out fine.