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Blog name change

19 Jul

I just changed the name of my blog. “Emotional Idiot” is so, well, negative. Even though sometimes I am an emotional idiot, that’s not the case all of the time. I believe that we have to speak positive things into our lives. Negative self-talk is a definite way to sabotage your life. So, hence the new blog name.

Here’s another quote from Iyanla Vanzant:

So you think you are not good enough, not “God” enough. You’ve been doing everything you should, the way you should, and still the changes, if any, are slow coming, almost insignificant. You keep wondering what more can you do, how much more should you know, to get yourself, your life, to the point of peace and plenty you desire. You’re asking when will it get better? When will you be better? Maybe, just maybe, things are the way they need to be. That doesn’t mean things will not get better. It means they take time. . . .”