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Don’t Go Back to What’s Familiar. . .Nothing has Changed

17 Jun

Someone e-mailed this to me . . .

Robert Frost said, ‘two roads diverged by a yellow wood and sorry I could not travel both, so I took the one less traveled by.’ Often times as God begin to move us into our place of destiny. He comes and snatches us out of unhealthy relationships or situations, only to show us that He has more in store for us and that there is more to you than this.

There are different ways that God reveals to us that we have unhealthy behavioral patterns, unhealthy relationships, and that if we continue in this path that ultimately we will self destruct.

Let me count the ways

The Lord allows us to see what He sees, this is why God tells us to first seek ye the kingdom of heaven and all its righteousness and all these things will be added unto you. Instead, what we do is say that God will give you the desires of my heart, and He will, but again why would God give His children something that isn’t good for them? God has given us free will, in other words, He will not force you to change, but He will allow circumstances to come along that will provoke change in you.

Let’s look at some ways that God has revealed to you not to go back:

*They cheated on you, and you continue to forgive them but you don’t trust them.

*They were late picking you up continuously in your own car

*They tell you that they love you but their actions say something else.

*Baby mama drama, yet you continue to tolerate the foolish behavior.

*They don’t want to go any further in life than where they are and they don’t want you to either.

*They constantly put you down.

*They abuse you.

*They make excuses for not going to church

*They ask you to do sexual exploits (threesome, swinger)

*They do drugs (weed)

*They have a really bad temper

*They criticize you, so on and so forth. I think you are getting my point.

Ask yourself this, why do you want to live in hell? Why are you torturing yourself? Why don’t you believe that you deserve better? The bible calls this a ‘sick bed.’ A sick bed is when you refuse to come out of a situation that is unhealthy, unstable, and unproductive, only for you to end up not ever receiving the life God has for you. There are dreams locked up inside of you, but if you continue down this path, they will not come true because you are tied to the wrong person.

24 Hour Turn Around

Tony Braxton said, it’s been seven long days and not a word from you. The hardest thing about not going back to what’s familiar is the transitional period. When God is delivering you from a situation or a relationship, you go through a grieving process. So instead, of feeling the pain you would rather go back only to numb the pain and prolong the inevitable. What is the inevitable, to know that this is not for you and you continue? Psychologist called this ‘schizophrenia’ when you keep doing the same thing but expecting different results. Nothing or no one changes over night, and who said that you needed or had to stick around TO SEE IF they are going to change. God might not change the situation but He will change you in the situation. The bible says that with the temptation God will make a way of escape. Do not ever think that you don’t have a way out. For every entrance there has to be an exit. Being stuck is not an option unless you make it one.

Smooth Operator

Haven’t you heard and seen it all before. Stop and think about how many times they are going to say they are sorry but continue to do the same thing. Look beyond the flowers, the sex, the beauty, their body, and remember what has happened that brought you to this point in the first place. When are you going to stop listening to what they are saying? It sounds good but in your heart you know it’s not good for you, they will say anything to keep you bound. Don’t allow your heart to override your judgment.

Longing for Yesterday

We often times say that the devil is a liar, and he is. But what we do is make God a liar and the devil the truth. We do this by telling God that He doesn’t have the power to move us forward, to keep us, or deliver us for that matter. We also tell the devil he is the truth because we continue to go back into situations that trip us up. We don’t just fall back into bed with someone, let the truth be told, you decided to go back. You decided that you couldn’t live without them, and that you needed them and that God would understand. You can not serve two masters either you are going to hate one or love the other. Who will you serve God or the devil?

Standing at the Crossroads

Often times, we are blinded by our own desires, that God in His Sovereignty begins to show us what kind of messes we are waddling in. When we go back to what’s familiar, the bible says that ‘it is like a dog returning to its vomit.’ God has brought us out so why would we go back and lick up the lies, the deceit, the perversion, and the very thing or the very acts, and away from unhealthy people in which He has rescued us from. It’s like rescuing someone from drowning but instead of holding on to the person that is trying to save your life, you fight against the help. You will not make this journey on your own.

If you could do this by yourself than why are you still thinking about or going back to what’s familiar. The bible says:

See, I the Lord have set before you

life and death

blessings and cursing;


Deuteronomy 30:6

God says, I know the plans that I have for you and that they are good and not evil, to give you a future and a hope. The bible says that if your heart turns away so that you do not hear, and are drawn away (back to what’s familiar) then you will perish. One of the greatest and shortest prayers was when Peter begin to sink, he cried “HELP’.

Cry out to Jesus ‘HELP ME.” I don’t want to keep going back to what’s familiar.

God said the day you set your mind, ‘I Heard You’ and Help is on the way. Be Blessed men and women of God.