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Three’s (not) a crowd?

25 Feb

Hi, folks. Real quick blog. I’m really sleepy so I hope this comes out ok.

Anyway, some of the most uncanny things have happened to me lately.  To make a long story short, I recently met a guy who was recently in a relationship with his (ex) wife (yes, ex) and another female. No, he wasn’t cheating, they were all in relationship together. He had a wife (sort of) and a “wifey”. Oh lord, yes it blew my mind, too.

Now I know this is probably more common than I’d like to believe. This is the stuff you see on Maury but never have I been so up close and personal with someone who actually lived this lifestyle. But what kills me is that this guy talked about it so matter of factly, like this was normal.

And I told another guy that I recently met about this gentlemen and he didn’t seem appalled either. Basically, he told me in so many words that in order to keep a man nowadays, you’re going to have to be “open”.

OMG! Do people revere marriage anymore??? I’m spent. Nite y’all…